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Vaccine Advocacy

The March of Dimes supports eliminating non-medical vaccination exemptions for the benefit of public health.

Equitable Maternal Health Coalition

Our vision is to ensure safe, affordable, sustainable and intentionally equitable access to care that advances safe motherhood and healthy pregnancy outcomes, as well as prevents maternal risks and death.

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Policies & positions

The March of Dimes advocates for public policies that support a healthy independent sector and encourage charitable giving. Learn more.

Federal advocacy

The March of Dimes lobbies both Congress and the Administration and maintains strong relationships with policymakers across the political spectrum. Our priorities include a wide range of maternal child health issues.

State advocacy

Find out how the March of Dimes works to influence both legislative and regulatory activities in each state. Through our chapters, our volunteers and staff serve as powerful voices for the needs of pregnant women, infants, children, and families.

Victories & achievements

Learn about March of Dimes victories and achievements in federal and state advocacy. March of Dimes has played a critical role in shaping national and state policies that impact women, infants, children, and families.

Research & data

March of Dimes is committed to bringing science into service for people by not only advocating for research, but also conducting it. The evidence and data generated is used by policymakers to help inform their decisions.